For Tristan

I’ve had many dogs during my life, and I remember the best of times with each of them. It is the best of times I miss most.

Late on October 13, 2010, a Wednesday afternoon, my husband and I took our border collie, Tristan to the vet and I comforted him as he gently crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. What an incredible friendship and sense of loyalty he felt toward me, even toward the end of our journey here together.  For over thirteen years, since I brought him home from the local animal shelter, he never left my side.

We went for walks around Capitol Lake and in nearby woods many times a week. He logged over 1,000 miles hiking with the Boy Scouts. He welcomed our kitty when she joined our family, kept the squirrels in our yard on alert, and made friends everywhere he went. He loved camping. He had a wonderful sense of border collie humor, and everybody loved him.

He was my best friend, and I know in my heart I’ll see him again. But right now I don’t what I’m going to do without him.

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